“I decided to book my first ever backpacking and camping trip with Ground Up Adventures and it’s one of the best decisions I have made. Not only did Shelby guide me up 3.5 miles to the most dreamy camp site, she provided an abundance of knowledge, supplies, made me feel comfortable and safe, and provided some of the yummiest food and warm drinks! Shelby made me feel empowered and confident so that I could take the trail on my own next time! Shelby knows her stuff and let her share with you! Book the trip and make that next adventure happen!”

- Hanna K. (Colorado)

Shelby is a fantastic guide, extremely knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and empowering to talk to! I feel so much more confident after backpacking with her – and even better, the food she makes is delicious!! I mean she made dairy-free hot chocolate at over 12,000 feet, what could be better?!

- Melissa B. (Colorado)

“I had an absolutely incredible experience hiking a 14er with Shelby at Ground Up Adventures! Her expertise about the mountains was incredible and her enthusiasm for the mountain was infectious, making the trip both fun and educational. I couldn’t have asked for a better guide to share the fun and adventure of conquering a first 14er. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking an unforgettable hiking experience!”

- Alex M. (Colorado)

I rate Shelby and Ground Up Adventures five stars without hesitation and from firsthand experience. I highly recommend her for guided hikes in Colorado and the many benefits from her teaching skills and techniques that made my time with her unforgettable.

My interaction with Shelby started over a year ago by communication via Instagram. I quickly felt that she was courteous, friendly, professional, and well versed in hiking and backpacking. She unselfishly provided responses and resources to my questions, and we developed a relationship such that I committed to traveling from Florida to Colorado to use her as my guide.

When that day finally came, we travelled to a trailhead leading to an alpine lake and a glacial lake. From the get-go she reviewed my equipment with me and showed a genuine concern for my wellbeing and state of mind (she showed this concern from the day I first communicated with her). Having injured my knee on a previous hike before reaching Colorado, Shelby met me where I was. That meant the world to me. During that day hike, and the second hike to a waterfall, she educated me on foliage, wildlife, ways to tell the turning of the seasons, techniques for hiking to reduce energy usage and reduce stress on knees, amongst many other topics we covered on our full day hikes! The views were spectacular and I cannot thank her enough for helping me document the hikes with photos and videos! Needless to say, I left Colorado with an arsenal of relevant information that I could immediately put into use as a solo hiker. There is so much more I can say about my time with Shelby both on the trail and in our communications.

This review cannot convey enough the gratitude I have for her and the support that she gave me, as she will give to you. Thank you, Shelby, for memories that will last a lifetime!”

- Anthony H. (Florida)

“Booking a hike with Ground Up Adventures was an incredible and rewarding experience. Coming from the East Coast, I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to adventuring in Colorado and I wanted to get a better understanding of the mountain trails and how I could apply my previous skills in a new environment. Not only did Shelby provide a great overview of the differences and what to expect—I learned so much more than I expected and left the hike feeling much more confident in my abilities and was more comfortable challenging myself for future adventures on my own. Having a decent amount of hiking and backpacking exposure in the past, I certainly hesitated to book the hike at first but was ultimately thrilled with the experience and I definitely have some great memories to reflect back on. I’d absolutely recommended that anyone visiting, moving, or even living in the area should book a guided hike no matter what your skill level is—there is always something to learn and Shelby is a wealth of knowledge. When it comes to safety, preparedness, and park knowledge, I wouldn’t look anywhere else. I’ll definitely be looking to book more hikes in the near future.”

- Andrew A. (Colorado)

“I recently had the pleasure of booking a hike with Shelby in Rocky Mountain National Park on a short 5 mile trip. On this adventure we saw beautiful mountain lakes, rivers, and even a glacier. We also discussed local plants, wildlife, geography of the land, as well as essentials for hiking. She was super friendly, not only to me but to others on the trail as she was more than happy to assist those who were unsure about their location on the trail. This would have taken me days to organize and I would have not have had such an awesome experience.  It definitely exceeded my expectations and the cost to value of my adventure was worth it! 10/10 recommend booking with Ground Up Adventures!”

- Matt S. (Arizona)

“I had the opportunity to book a hike with Shelby at Ground Up Adventures and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was nervous and was uncertain about my abilities and how far could I go, especially with not having any background hiking at these elevations.  She was patient and compassionate, she taught me the importance of knowing your limits, water intake, amongst many other things. I was amazed on the beauty and our surroundings, the views were absolutely breathtaking! I could never have imagined learning as much as I did on our hike, and that just added to the list of exceeding my expectations with admiration.  Shelby even assisted strangers on the path as if she knew them personally. I am now working on scheduling another trip with my family to take it to the next level. I would recommend Shelby at Ground Up Adventures anyday, and have now passed her information to co-workers and friends! Thank you for creating a life experience for me I didn’t even know I needed.”  

- Lauren P. (Ohio)

“I went on a guided hike with Shelby in Rocky Mountain National Park. Along with the fall colors, unmatched beauty of the park, and the challenge of the hike, Shelby was extremely knowledgeable and encouraging the whole way. From excellent communication as I reached out with questions before I booked through the day of the hike. Shelby offered multiple hikes to choose from and gave me enough information to make an informed decision. The entire experience from learning more about hiking, RMNP, solo-hiking, and Shelby’s enthusiasm throughout made it so worthwhile. I highly recommend booking Shelby and I’ll look forward to more adventures with her in the future.”

- Alicia S. (Colorado)

“Booking a guided hike with Shelby from Ground Up Adventures was truly everything I was looking for and then some. Shelby is so knowledgable about Rocky Mountain National Park, it’s mountains and terrain, and really helped the time pass by on our long hike with all of her adventurous stories and endless hiking tips. Not to mention, the views were breathtaking. She taught me things that will help me on the trails for years to come. If you’re interested in becoming a more experienced hiker, I highly recommend choosing Shelby as your guide.”

- Amanda P. (California)

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