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How to Download Offline Maps

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Offline Maps Shouldn’t Be Complicated 

Understanding how to download and use offline maps is quite the helpful skill in the the technological world we live in. While paper maps are extremely important and a necessary skill to have when spending time in the outdoors, digital offline maps are extremely efficient and functional, and not to mention convenient in the technological world we live in.

However, it’s also not uncommon to have to pay for subscriptions these days – all those subscriptions can add up quick, and this information doesn’t necessarily need to be charged. 

Watch the video to learn how to download reliable, high-quality, accurate offline maps straight to your phone for FREE! Doing this will help keep you safe and prepared for your time on the trail.  

10 Things the Wilderness Has Taught Me

The great outdoors offers a magnificent opportunity to learn about the world we live in, nature, and perhaps even yourself. Each time you hit the trail, there is a chance to uncover something new.

Getting outside can provide inspiration, creativity, as well as a better connection with yourself and the outside world. Keep reading to learn some of the things getting into the wild has taught me over the years. 

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Hiking Resources

Check out my other free resources to help you prepare for your adventures and stay safe on the trail such as a printable hiking itinerary to fill out, the 10 essentials, trail etiquette info and more!


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